Why Should You Get a Lifestyle Photoshoot?

Before we start, let’s answer a pretty obvious question; What even is ‘lifestyle photography’?

In the world of photography, lifestyle photography can mean lots of different things, but for us and photographers like us it means capturing real people in real moments that aren’t staged or forced. It’s about really showing off who you are as a couple or family, and how you interact with each other and your environment. Normally, this involves a little bit of gentle direction to get you chatting and moving to capture those gorgeous candid style photos you know you want to hang on your wall.

Now that we know what a lifestyle photoshoot is, let’s get in to why you should have one done!

Spice up your social feed

Sometimes it’s fine that the only reason you’re doing something is to put it on the ‘gram. Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business and want to get a few good shots of you in the bank or just want to make sure your social media feed is absolutely top notch, a lifestyle photoshoot is a good way to do it. Social media is all about sharing your story and yourself with your friends, family, and the rest of the world. A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say, so show people who you are as well as telling them!

Treat yourself to a photo for your wall

It’s nice to look around your home and see some beautiful things that remind you of your adventures. Sometimes it’s odds and ends, ornaments or keepsakes from your travels, gifts from loved ones or decorations that hold a meaning for you personally.

What could be more personal than a beautiful, creative and artistic image of you that you can look at and remember an amazing time in your life? Photographs are memories that are captured and displayed for you to look back on and remember. It’s a bit soppy but we also think that they are a lovely way to invite people who visit your house into your personal story and share with them some of your most favorite memories too.

Explore a new place locally

One of the things that has become super important to us is treating home as if we’re a visitor. What we mean is when you go away on holiday, you often go places that local people don’t and you see things in a way that they don’t or can’t anymore. You’ll go places they would never think of going and be amazed by seeing things that they walk past every day without thinking about. It’s often super interesting to look around your area and see if there are any museums, Heritage or areas of natural beauty and see if you’ve ever visited them. We’re willing to bet that at least some of them you’ve never been to, and others you’ve only been to years ago.

We love getting out and about in nature and finding hidden spots and places of real interest and beauty. The only thing that makes that adventure better is sharing it with you guys and capturing your photos for you to keep and remember.

Celebrate a special life event - engagement, anniversary etc.

This one is fairly simple - celebrate your engagement with a cool photoshoot somewhere or head out on the anniversary of your wedding and recreate some of your favourite photos with your new selves!

Maybe you’re having a baby and want to capture a few shots of yourself before the birth to be able to look back on later and be impressed with how gorgeous you look. Graduating university is a huge milestone in your life, you could head out around your university campus and city and grab some photos to remember the good times and maybe even the messy nights out in town!

Whatever the occasion you want to celebrate, a photoshoot is a fantastic way of doing it so that you also have a permanent reminder.

Record your family story

Remember all those photo albums that your parents and grandparents had? Did you guys also spend rainy Sunday afternoons looking through them and asking who was in all the photos and when they were taken? What about why they were taken, maybe it was a family holiday to the beach, or a party for someone’s birthday?

All of these photographs come together to tell a story about all the people in them, even if it’s just a week or a day of their life at a time. You have an opportunity to leave behind a version of your story that is something extra special, even if all you’re sharing is who you were at the end of your 20s. One day your children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews will be looking at them and asking all about you.


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