Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

Let's get this out of the way early...it isn’t.

Sorry guys.

Prices among photographers vary widely. It’s usually dependent on the number of weddings they shoot a year, what is included in the package, and their level of experience.

We’re not going to go into the nitty-gritty of why people charge what they do, because frankly it’s boring. What we are going to talk about is why you should be looking at your wedding photography as more of an investment than an expense.

Let’s think about your wedding. If we’re being honest about it, a wedding is a luxury. You don’t need a fancy wedding dress or a big cake or fancy flowers. All you really need is each other and the love you share. In which case, you can get married in the UK for less than £500.

But if you’re getting married, you’re having a party! So you get the fancy dress you might only wear once, the cake that will be eaten by your guests that night, the flowers that will wilt after a few days (unless you preserve them). You do it because you want them, because it’s your wedding and you can do whatever the hell you like! You will (hopefully) only get married once, so why not go all out?

All of those things are amazing. The beautiful venue, amazing outfits, stunning flowers, tasty cake, all of which are pretty essential to throwing a fantastic wedding. All of them are amazing and perfect; but just for that one fantastic day.

There’s a reason we say wedding photography is an investment. It’s value only grows as the years go on. Those photos of your wedding day that you maybe thought were expensive at the time, will one day be priceless when loved ones have left or your memories fade.

You will look back at your wedding photos in years to come, and you will share them with your family. You’ll be amazed at how your dress has stood the test of time, and laugh at the hairstyles you had. You’ll reminisce over how beautiful and tasty that cake was. You’ll share a smile about your mum dabbing a tear during the ceremony, and you’ll point out all the family members and guests to the next generation, and the one after that.

This is why wedding photography is so expensive. It’s because one day it will be priceless.


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