What to Wear for your Engagement Photos

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This has got to be our most asked question when we plan in engagement shoots; what do we wear?

Everyone knows, deciding what to wear can be a minefield. But when you know that what you’re wearing is for photos that may end up on your wall or in your families homes, the pressure mounts! We figured it was about time to make a handy guide to make the decision a little easier.

Be comfortable and confident

This is definitely our most important piece of advice, especially when you book in a shoot with us. We will often have you walking a bit of a distance, we may get you running, climbing over rocks, or paddling in becks, so it’s important that you can move freely in whatever you wear.

While it can be super tempting to buy something new for your photos, we normally advise going with an old familiar. Pick that outfit that makes you feel amazing, the one that you won’t be pulling and tugging because you feel self conscious that it’s too ight or riding up.

Also, wear sensible shoes. This isn’t to say to forgo heels, if you’re comfortable and confident in them, but generally we advise wearing something sturdy that allows you to move without tripping.

Think about your colours

We tend to discourage matching outfits (but if that’s how you roll, then carry on!) or crazy patterns (they don’t often photograph well).

Think about solid colours, or large prints, in complementary colours. As far as colour choice goes - stay true to yourself! We LOVE colour, and tend to go bold ourselves. Example combinations:

  • Black and white

  • Navy with pastels

  • Mustard and burgundy (it’s a little Gryffindor, but it works!)

  • Khaki/olive with neutrals

Keep in mind location and season

Most of our engagement shoots take place over the North York Moors or the North East coastline. This means that the weather is changeable at best, and can often be both wet and windy, so layers are a must! A nice jacket or cardigan that can be layered over your top or dress is a must, and scarfs or blankets can make cute props when you get all snuggled together in them.

This also takes us back to shoes. Keep in mind if it’s rained then the ground may be soggy or muddy, and you don’t want to ruin your favourite boots, so walking boots or some sturdy doc martens might be better.

Keep it smart casual

The prompt we give is - imagine you’re going for brunch with friends. You’re not trying to impress anyone with how smartly you’re dressed, but you may make a little bit of an effort to ‘look nice’.

Examples might be:

  • Shirt/nice blouse and jeans

  • Decent t-shirt and jeans

  • Cute dress and jacket

Or - go all out!

Did you know you can hire ball gowns the same way you can hire suits?

If you’re really wanting to make an impact with your photos why not try it? Keeping the previous points about being comfortable and thinking about the location in mind, you could still rock a total show stopping outfit.

We can picture it now; a blustery moorland, stormy sky, and you two in the middle, dressed to the nines, like the cover of some high end fashion mag.

No matter what you choose to wear, you will always look amazing if you relax and enjoy the process of having your photos taken. The main thing is to relax, and your clothes can help you do that. Remember the key things; be comfortable, wear sturdy shoes, and have fun!


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