Wedding Planning // Five Tips for a Stress Free Wedding

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Planning a wedding may be the biggest event you organise…ever! You’re not only making sure that you and your partner are in the right place at the right time, but you’re also making sure all your guests are there and having a good time. To do this you place a ton of trust in professionals to help you make this the best day of your lives.

Is it any wonder people get stressed planning a wedding?! We remember planning our wedding, and it was overwhelming at times. We took 3 years to sort it out, but as often happens, life also threw a couple of curveballs our way.

We want your wedding planning to go as smoothly as it possibly can. So we’ve come up with a few ideas to think about when you first start planning your wedding.


Let’s set the scene: You’re just engaged, and you’ve been to your first wedding fair. You’ve got a bag full of leaflets for flowers, venues, photographers, cakes, candy carts, donut walls, champagne towers, and photo booths, plus everything else that you’ve never even thought of before! Your mind is blown, and you’re drawn to all the shiny things.

Before you blow your budget on everything, then realise you have no money for that one thing you actually really wanted, you need to set your priorities.

Sit with your partner, and decide; what are the 3 things that are most important to us about our day?

This might be: a stunning venue, a super tasty cake, and amazing photos. Or it might be: fabulous clothing, glorious floral arrangements, and a super cool getaway car.

Whatever your 3 things are, decide on them, and get these booked first (after your ceremony location obviously). Use your budget strategically, and get the extras with what you have left.


The next thing we recommend you think about is the timing on your day.

We recommend adding 15 minutes onto everything! If your ceremony is 30 minutes, give it 45. Your wedding breakfast is at 3pm and the venue says it’ll be done at 5pm, assume it’ll be 5:15pm. Unexpected things can happen on your day, and weddings never run to time, and that’s fine! If you include extra time in your day, you’ll never be worried about over running or missing something.

Plus, always remember that people will whisk you along through your wedding day. Believe it or not you very rarely need to know the time, that’s what everyone else is for!


You are not an island; you do not have to plan this wedding yourself.

A lot of pressure is put on brides to plan the whole wedding, and there’s often a lot of negative media about grooms and weddings. But you are a partnership, you’re entering into this life together, so work together to get things booked and to make your choices.

You will also be surrounded by family and friends, who if you ask will be more than willing to help you plan this day; they’ll probably love being involved! Let go of a little bit of control, and believe it or not, you will feel so much better.

Not only that, but you’ve booked fantastic wedding suppliers! They’ve been there, done that. Use that knowledge. If you need recommendations, or you’re worried about your timings for the day, ask your photographer or the venue’s wedding planner. They will be more than willing to help you get the best out of your day.

Make time for photos.

This is obviously our favourite point, but it is super important.

If you want photos of you and your family, make sure there is at least an hour in your day for these photos.

We’re not suggesting that you will be having your photos taken for an hour, but we need to think about getting people to the place where we’re going to capture them. We don’t want to be rushing granny around to the other side of the venue, so we need to make sure she’s got time to get around there without feeling rushed.

Plus, while you may have given your photographer a list of photos you want capturing, on the day you may come up with more! Give yourself time for a bit of spontaneity.

Take a moment.

Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life; it’s also one of the fastest.

Believe it or not, one minute you’re getting dressed in the morning, the next you’ve completed your first dance and you’re wondering where the day went.

Make sure that at some point in the day, either after you’ve had your portraits done, or when you’re sitting for your wedding breakfast after the speeches, you just take a moment. Hold hands, and just revel in the fact that all of these people are here for you.

You did it. You got married. And at the end of the day, all of the stress and planning and extras aside, that’s really the only thing that matters.


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