Training Day // Shutter Go Click Workshop!

Training is important for everyone, no matter what you do in life there will always be more to learn!

Ryan, of Shutter Go Click Photography, is a photographer we definitely admire. He's got a definitive style and pushes the boat out when it comes to being creative with photography. When we saw he was putting on another of his workshops, we jumped at the chance!

We're fascinated by double exposures. Rebecca used to love creating them manually with a roll of film or in the dark room, but it's not something we've played with too much during our engagement or wedding photography. It was wonderful listening and observing how Ryan incorporates these interesting images into his photo shoots, and truly inspired us to be a bit more brave and bold in our work!

Some of the images worked better than others, but that's the whole point of practising!

It was so much fun exploring the streets of Sheffield, not a place we've been for a long while, and so different to the landscape we normally find ourselves in. Don't think we're suddenly trading in all the woodland we love so much to become city photographers, but we certainly had fun playing with the different colours and graffiti.

We're super excited to start letting our creative juices flow, and injecting a bit more of the art we love into our photography!

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