Top 20 from 2020!

We all know 2020 had its ups and down. We've decided to look back on our 2020 and pick out some of our favourite photographs from the shoots we managed to squeeze in between the lockdowns and restrictions. Turns out it was a better year than it seemed!

We've managed to pull together a list of our Top 20 photographs. We're going to share them with you. We'll also share some of the stories and circumstances that led to each of the shoots because we're all about telling stories.

First up!

How could we not include our Number One (and only!) wedding of 2020. Hannah and Nick managed to pick a day to get married that wasn't only allowed, but was also a really nice, sunny day!

We set off for Skipton registry office nice and early, feeling super nervous because it had been AGES since we shot an actual wedding. The registrars were really friendly though and the ceremony was lovely. Hannah arrived in this amazing camper van and after their ceremony, and a few appropriately socially distanced family shots, we headed out!

Hannah had picked out a beautiful spot in the Dales that was super special to her so that's where we went! We followed behind the newlyweds down some windy country roads and then parked up for their picnic.

Number 2

We managed to catch up with one of our wedding couples from 2019 and got to do a maternity shoot with them!

We headed to Saltburn and spent an hour meandering around the sea front capturing them all over again. This shot is in front of the beach huts that have been a recent addition at Saltburn. While we got some gorgeous photos in colour of them with the multicoloured huts, we think this black and white one is beautiful.

See the rest of their maternity shoot on our blog by clicking this link.

Number 3

We had a lot of weddings postponed from 2020.

Rather than wait to catch up with our amazing couples, we decided to head out with them anyway! This shoot was done at Hob Hole, which is one of our old favourite spots for picnics and barbeques when we were in college. We caught up with Lee & Emma here and made the most of the beautiful sun pouring on the North York Moors.

This shot was one of the less silly ones we did with these guys but we are just completely in love with the light and colour in it that we couldn't leave it out!

Check out the blog post here for more from this shoot.

Number 4

This isn't the last time you'll see Lais and Joe on this list - you'll know why when you see them again!

Another of our postponed couples, we went to the Lion Inn at Blakey Ridge this time and went for a walk together and captured some amazing shots with smoke bombs. Check out our blog post to see some more of the shots we took with them here.

We picked this photo though, because it really shows how much fun it is to be around these two. They're so full of energy and happiness that it is completely infectious. We can't wait to be at their wedding!

This shot is on our blog at this link, just click!

Number 5

We managed to attend or arrange quite a few editorial shoots this year, which has certainly kept our instagram feed looking fresh and feeling interesting.

This shoot wasn't organised by us though, we were invited along to Druridge Bay to an eco-friendly festival wedding themed shoot - right up our street!

This photograph is outside the big marque tent that was used as the main wedding location for the shoot. When we saw the interesting shape of the wooden arch and the bright blue of the tent cover we knew exactly what we needed to do.

Number 6

Here are Hannah and Nick again, you might remember them from our first pick.

This time it's their pre-wedding photoshoot with us. This lucky pair are getting two wedding days!

We met them at Middleton Lodge and wandered around the garden with them, and their dog Dave. This is where their other wedding day/party is going to be in 2021. They decided that they still wanted to get married in 2020, hence the Skipton wedding and the Dales drive from before.

This time we tried a double exposure with them and some beautiful pink flowers to match in with Nick's incredibly loud but also incredible flamingo shirt.

Number 7

Beth and Scott put themselves forward to be one of our guinea pig couples who got to join us on a march into the unknown. We decided we wanted to explore some exciting new places that we'd heard about locally and this intrepid pair decided to join us!

It turned out that we couldn't park where we thought because it was a pub and they were still closed. So, we parked the cars up at the top of the road instead and walked what felt like a long way to get to Hayburn Wyke, a waterfall that comes down onto the beach. It's exactly as amazing as it sounds but it's definitely one to come back to when we can park at the pub and save ourselves the huge hill climb back out again!

See some more from their shoot by clicking this link.

Number 8

A super sunny, and only slightly windy, day on Danby Beacon when we met up with Alice and Matthew, another postponed couple, for their photoshoot.

Another double exposure that shows the beautiful heather on the North York Moors and the amazing view down to the sea too. These guys are amazing and came a long way just to meet up with us for this shoot and we're so glad they did.

It has been really special for us to be able to spend at least a bit of time with our couples this year, even if it wasn't on their wedding day. We got to catch up with them in person, find out how they've been doing and how their plans have changed - or not. We came away from each of them with huge smiles on our faces and looking forward to the new wedding day when we get to see them again.

See the blog post here for more shots from this session.

Number 9

A wedding editorial that we organised this time. Organising styled shoots became a lot more complicated in 2020 but it didn't stop us. This shoot was at Laskill Country House, just north of Helmsley. A beautiful house with enough space to host a perfect wedding, or an editorial shoot!

We love the details of this shoot, the hair, flowers, bridal lingerie and robe. One thing we really love is the way the bridal robe from Roisin Reuss matches perfectly with the bathroom colour. It all comes together to make a beautiful, dreamy image.

Number 10

Would you believe that this place is just right on our doorstep? It hardly seems real.

Calum and Eilis were lovely enough to come out on another of our explorations, this time to Beggars Bridge. We did the shoot as a maternity shoot as they were expecting their first baby together. Becky works with Calum in the NHS too so it was even nicer to be able to get out and give them an opportunity to relax and get some pretty shots of them.

Believe it or not, this shoot might crop up again on this list! We still can't really believe we get to see places like this within such a short drive from our front door.

Their full shoot is on our blog, just follow this link.

Number 11

Celebrating an engagement is still really important.

We headed onto Redcar seafront with Eleanor and Mike to capture some photographs of them to mark the occasion, bathed in the neon lights of the promenade. Eleanor is actually Rob's sister so it was nice to catch up and chat about the upcoming wedding too!

We love this photo with the lights from the much maligned "Vertical Pier" showing. It's not what we would have chosen to build if we were in charge but we certainly wanted to make the best of it!

Number 12

An editorial shoot we organised that was meant to be a magical, Christmas-themed spectacle with fairy lights and everything ended up scuppered due to restrictions introduced at the start of December.

We decided that since we had flowers and people lined up and ready to go, we'd go ahead and pick up the dress and suit and head out on another Moors excursion. Nothing can stop us when we're on a roll!

This shot really shows that even in the depths of December, the Moors really do still have something to show off. The bracken has turned a beautiful burnt orange from its usual, summertime green and it looks absolutely spectacular. So just because it's not the height of summer, don't think you can't get amazing photographs!

Number 13

Unlucky for some, but not for these two!

Anna and Graeme were another of our super brave volunteers who joined us on one of our explorations into the great unknown. We met them on a super warm day at Wheeldale Roman Road and found that we weren't the only ones to have the idea. Rob was eaten alive by midgies but it was worth it to meet these two lovely guys and snap a few photos of them.

This shot is them walking down the road itself, which may or may not be roman as it turns out. It's just a really long, really straight road.

Click here to read more about their shoot.

Number 14

Here they are again!

When Lais and Joe got in touch with us about doing a shoot for Halloween, we couldn't say yes fast enough! We quite like Halloween and getting out with our cameras is always fun so combining the two can only end in two happy photographers. Lais and Joe were sweet enough to meet us at our local woodland and brought a ton of toys and props to play with. We set off smoke bombs in pumpkins for this photo but we also had wizard robes and skulls and books.

We loved it and we're definitely looking forward to the next time we can get out with people and grab some cool themed photos.

See the rest of the halloween photoshoot on our blog by clicking here.

Number 15

We weren't sure whether this workshop would go ahead but we're so glad that it did.

We managed to get a place on the Lark Retreat in Wales last year and spent a few glorious days in the middle of Wales at a stunning private house and then up in the mountains of Snowdonia.

We love this shot as it's definite proof that you can be unique and individual even when you're shooting at the same time as other photographers and that your choice of photographer really does matter.

Everyone with a modern camera can do a good job of taking some photos, you choose your photographer based on how their perspective fits with yours.

Number 16

Another beautiful shot from Calum and Eilis' maternity shoot over at Beggar's Bridge.

We love playing with multiple exposures, sometimes they don't work at all but we usually walk away with something interesting. We love the amount of love and the closeness we feel from this photo. We can just feel the amount of care and love that this baby is feeling.

Their full shoot is on the blog, check it out here.

Number 17

Here's another editorial shoot that we were invited along to and weren't involved in organising.

We absolutely loved the styling though, the colours were jewels and gems inspired and the venue was a beautiful little mill just outside of Whitby called Larpool Mill.

A bit out of the way but it would be so perfect for a relaxed, chilled out wedding and that's definitely our sort of speed! So honoured to be invited to take part with this shoot and we're so proud of what we were able to produce.

Number 18

Another one from the seafront at Redcar when we caught up with Eleanor and Mike.

How could we not include this though - the colours are amazing and the expressions on their faces are perfect!

All they wanted to do was get some ice cream from Gabrielle's but we insisted on messing about in the middle of the road for a minute first and we're so glad we did.

Number 19

We've seen Amy and Andy a couple of times this year for shoots but this is our absolute favourite photo of the two of them at Saltburn.

We love the expression on Amy's face and the symmetry of the reflection we created. Definitely one of our favourite shots of the year.

Number 20

We caught up with Lauren and Alex at Hob Hole last year. They're another of our postponed wedding couples.

It's been so nice meeting up with our couples again, and it was a great excuse to get out and pick up our cameras. We love this tree so we thought we'd reflect it again at the bottom of the photo!

Check out the rest of their shoot on our blog here.

Number 21

We know we said 20 but we couldn't not include this lovely photo of our friends Laura and Ollie.

We caught up with them between Christmas and New Years for a chilly walk along the beach between Marske and Saltburn.

We naturally grabbed our cameras and Laura prodded Ollie into taking part in a bit of a chilled out shoot on the beach in between chatting and catching up. It's so nice to see them again, especially when we had plans to go see them through the year that we didn't end up being able to keep.

Do you have a favourite photograph of ours from this year?

Why not drop us a message on Instagram and let us know!

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