This Is Halloween...

...everybody make a scene!

Just before Lockdown 2 (electric boogaloo) one of our fabulous postponed couples, Lais and Joe, got in touch asking us to be involved in something a little bit different.

Lais brought a big box of props, four carved pumpkins, and Joe brought a ton of smoke bombs. We all came prepared with walking boots, ready to lose ourselves in the bracken and trees in Errington Woods.

We first investigated one of the many 'bomb holes' up Errington, it was the perfect dell to let off smoke bombs and not have them get blown away by the 50mph winds! These guys look amazing in front of the camera, and we just let them do what they do; snuggle up and look adorable.

We put smoke bombs in the pumpkins and on the damp forest floor. Plus, we even got our swanky flash out and decided to play with some of our coloured lights! The photos turned out amazing.

Lais and Joe are massive Harry Potter nerds, just like us, and had only recently visited the Studio tour in London (Rebecca was so jealous, as it was a celebration of all things Slytherin!), so in Lais's bag of tricks were their respective house robes (a Ravenclaw and a Slytherin?!) plus replica wands.

Obviously this was the perfect opportunity to dust off our photoshop skills. Luckily these guys are up for being a little bit daft in the name of a good photo!

We had the BEST time with Lais and Joe in our local woodland. It was brilliant exploring the space as a backdrop for epic photos, it's not just a lovely place we like to walk.

We are always up for doing something creative and off the wall, drop us a message if you've got an idea we can help bring to life.


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