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Today is Good Friday, which brings to a close our first full week of 'quarantine/isolation'. Basically, we're now both working from home. It's been a strange turn in our normal running of things, as up until now life seemed at least a little bit normal.

In these trying times, when we're not working, we're trying very hard to live life as normally as possible. Thankfully, some fabulous local businesses are helping us do just that!

We've been amazed over the last few weeks how some businesses have managed to adapt to social distancing and isolation measures. It's been the gorgeous small businesses, who have taken the leap to become contact-less delivery services that we're now relying on, and feel they are the place where we'd like to spend our pennies!

One such place we decided to check out is the Cheese & Wine shop in Darlington. We cannot begin to describe our delight when they told us they deliver to Redcar! They are a lovely little shop in Darlington selling all sorts of fabulous things, but most importantly; cheese and wine.

For the Easter weekend, they decided to take us all on a little trip to either France, Italy or Spain; we chose to go to France.

This afternoon we were delivered a gorgeous little setup.

- A bottle of Rose

- Super scrummy sourdough baguette

- Three cheeses; Brie, Roquefort and Comte

And, since we're not taking photos of people at the moment, we decided to capture some images of the whole affair!

We would highly recommend this gorgeous shop, if you're craving something a little special of a weekend (or a weekday - who really knows anymore!)

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