Scott & Beth // Couples Portrait Shoot at Hayburn Wyke

Hayburn Wyke is a small, stony bay between Whitby and Scarborough just a bit past Ravenscar, where a waterfall falls into a small pool at the bottom of the cliffs.

Scott and Beth aren’t complete strangers to us. Scott was a groomsman at Becca and Joe’s wedding that we were lucky enough to shoot at Grinkle Park Hotel. It was lovely to catch up and chat about how the lockdown has been for them. They also brought their dog, Freddie so we got to meet him too!

What should have been a steady walk down to the beach was made slightly longer by the car park at the pub being shut due to the current pandemic. Going down wasn’t too bad but we knew that we would have to climb back out again… we were not looking forward to that! We left the cars up at the top of the bank on an area of grass and set off down.

When we say Hayburn Wyke is on a stony beach, we aren’t kidding. Getting around it is tough and when carrying cameras it’s only made more complicated but we managed!

Freddie was the first one into the pool and he never stopped moving for the whole time we were down on the beach. He is completely obsessed with rocks too, so it must have been like all his birthdays had come at once on the stony beach. While he pleased himself running around and collecting his rocks and driftwood, we made use of the waterfall, rock pools and cliff faces to get some really beautiful photographs for Scott and Beth.

We trekked back up the hill, past the closed pub car park and on up the next hill to the van and set off home into the sunset. The climb from bottom to top is actually not that much less than the climb up Roseberry Topping, and it’s spread over a longer distance!

We definitely would like to come back, especially now we’re prepared for the climb… but maybe we’ll wait until the pub and its car park is open. We can get a drink after then too!


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