How To Get The Perfect Confetti Photo!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

If you follow us on social media you probably already know we love a good confetti photo!

It’s a great time for all your guests to get involved in a truly iconic moment of your day. Below we’ve listed out a few ways to make sure you get this shot just right, first time.


We like to get this shot organised pretty much as soon as your ceremony is over. If you’ve got a handy master of ceremonies, we’ll ask them to direct everyone outside. If not, we’ll probably ask you to lead everyone outside, people will follow you like sheep on your wedding day!

Doing it straight away means people don’t have a chance to get a drink, so more hands for confetti throwing (and no risk of getting a beer thrown over you instead of petals). It also allows for more people to be involved, as they won’t have had a chance to disappear to different parts of your venue.


Generally we’re going to be outside, there’s not many venues that will allow you to throw confetti inside. This is also weather dependent, a little bit of rain is fine, but a downpour might not be ideal for throwing super light confetti around. No one needs soggy petals showering them.

The best locations are somewhere fairly sheltered out of the wind, with a nice backdrop, too. Main doors of a venue, the lit up run up to a tipi, or against a barn wall, are all fab places for a confetti shot.


Normally, we are super laid back photographers. We capture moments as they happen, with little interference. Confetti is the only time we get a little bit bossy. You only get one chance to get this shot, if guests are in the wrong place, or don’t have enough confetti in their hands, it may not turn out as spectacularly as it could.

This is the point when Becky usually starts talking with her hands, she gets your guests into two nice lines or a cute semicircle. We make sure they’ve got a TON of confetti in their hands, and explain exactly when and how they should be throwing it. This is also the moment we give you guys a little direction, too; where to walk, if we want you to stop, and generally just to have fun with it.


It’s pretty standard now that venues will ask that you use natural or biodegradable confetti, and there are plenty of ways to create a gorgeous eco-conscious photograph.

No matter what confetti you use, make sure the pieces are nice and big, at least as big as a penny, this way they’ll show up really nice in photos. Plus keep the colours a mix of light and dark, all light or all dark can get a little lost in the details.

If you decide to buy pre-made confetti, check out ECOBRIDE ( They sell gorgeous natural petal confetti, in personalised biodegradable and compostable packets! We get our compostable stickers from them, we love them! Their ethos is very in line with our own, and they do not use single use plastic at all in their packaging or postage.

Also check out Yorkshire Confetti ( a fab local confetti creator, or Adamapple ( who create some very interesting types of confetti (their snow confetti looks amazing!)

Another option for buying your own is confetti cannons! Confetti cannons are a great way to get a ton of confetti in the air with little to no effort. They do require a little bit more instruction, and trusting people not to point them at people’s faces, but they create absolutely stunning photos! There are plenty of biodegradable options out there, Shropshire Petals ( do a great one filled with natural petals, then the cardboard tube can be recycled with a little bit of deconstruction.

If you’re crafty, make your own! Drying petals is easy to do, and means you get the exact colour combination you want. Just make sure to keep the petals as whole as possible. Or why not buy a stamp, and stamp out your confetti from autumn leaves?

No matter what confetti you decide to use, we’ll be on hand to help you get it right. Remember, it’s just confetti, not bricks, so smile and try not to flinch.


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