Five Tips for Amazing Engagement Photos

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We love our engagement (or pre-wedding) sessions! They’re the perfect time to get relaxed in front of the camera, have a bit of fun with your significant other and get to know your photographers. They’re such a fun session, we can play around and get a little creative, without worrying about wedding day timelines and other guests.

We know people have lots of questions about their engagement sessions, from where to have them to what to wear. We send out a bunch of information before all our sessions, but thought we’d share a bit here as well!

Engaged couple spinning in golden light on North York Moors

Trust us

This maybe goes without saying, but the whole point of your engagement session is to get to know your photographer. This is super important as it means that you know how they’re going to direct you on your wedding day, so makes the real thing run a lot smoother. So don’t worry if we ask you to do something a little bit crazy (like whisper your favourite vegetable in your partner’s ear!) We’re doing it to capture those natural reactions, and trust us, they look amazing in photos.

Where should we go?

We’re outdoors people, so we generally recommend heading somewhere with the opportunity for beautiful verdant backdrops. Normally, we recommend meeting at your wedding venue, this way we can scout out potential photograph locations for your big day. But you can go anywhere you like for your engagement session. Do you have a favourite picnic spot? Or somewhere you love to walk the dogs? Make it mean something to you, so your photos reflect who you are.

North York Moors double exposure engagement photo

What to wear?

These photos are a reflection of you, so come dressed in something that makes you feel comfortable. Complementary colours are lovely, but don’t worry about matching each other. Dressing up is always encouraged, who doesn’t love a good suit or ball gown? But only do it if it represents who you are! Check out our Engagement Session Pinterest board for inspiration.

Hair & makeup

This is one for the girls out there. Your engagement session is the perfect opportunity to have your hair and make-up trial. Whether you’re paying somebody to pamper you, or doing it yourself, this is a great chance to see what things will look like on camera. We also recommend a fresh manicure, not only will it make you feel lovely, but it’s the perfect backdrop to show off that ring!

golden hour couple on north york moors photo


This is England, you can’t always guarantee the weather, but no matter what the time of year we always recommend shooting engagement sessions during the golden hour. This is the hour before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky and you get that gorgeous golden light. It’s the perfect light for creating beautifully romantic images. If we can’t get golden hour, then we aim for sunrise, which is easier to achieve when the days are shorter. These are also times in the day we may not have on your wedding day, so it’s important to take advantage of them where we can.

photo of couple walking along north york moors road

Bonus tip! Have fun!

Believe us, being in front of the camera when you’re not used to it is awkward. We know, we’re not great in front of the camera either, where do you put your hands?! It’s totally okay to feel this way, but we promise it gets easier.

Engagement sessions are all about creating instances where you can interact as naturally as possible. We want you to cuddle and flirt, talk about things that make you laugh and what you love about each other. Eventually you’ll forget you’re having your photos taken, and we can capture you both as naturally as possible.

We love engagement sessions for so many reasons, but mostly we love creating images that represent the two of you. That capture the fun and relaxed side of your wedding story, that show the happiness of your engagement, and give you something to look back on in years to come. With a little thought and preparation, they’re super easy, and we promise they’ll be one of the best parts of your wedding planning.


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