Anna & Graeme // Couples Shoot at Wheeldale Roman Road

We've often driven past the signs for Wheeldale Roman Road on the way to Dalby Forest or coming back from Helmsley (the long way). Despite all the adventures over the North York Moors that we have had, we had never actually been along to see what it was all about. Anna & Graeme were lovely enough to volunteer to be our intrepid guinea pigs as we went exploring the find out what we had been missing all this time.

It turns out the provenance of the road isn't actually known. It runs roughly between the location of two Roman forts and it's straight...ish - it's just not quite ROMAN straight. It could have been used by them though and that's pretty cool!

None of that really matters though and even if it's confusing as to when and how it came to exist, it still provided us with absolutely stunning backdrops and places for photos with these two amazing people.

Anna & Graeme were completely fantastic to work with and we couldn't stop smiling along with them. We would love to come back to Wheeldale Roman Road for more photographs and we definitely won't turn down an opportunity to work with these two gorgeous people too!


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