Amy & Andy // Couples Shoot at Wheeldale Roman Road

Well that didn't take long!

We really didn't have to wait long at all to head back to the Wheeldale Roman Road. Amy & Andy decided to take us back there and we were only too happy to join them.

In case you missed our blog post about this place when we came with Anna & Graeme, you can check it out here. The short story goes something like this: it's an ancient road, it's very straight, it might be Roman or it might not, but it definitely has some of the most amazing views and stunning photography spots!

We know Amy & Andy from our days skating and playing roller derby but we would be hard pressed to tell you the last time we had seen them.

It was so great to catch up with them and chat all about the exciting changes since we last saw them. There have been new houses, new jobs and all kinds of amazing things.

The North York Moors and Wheeldale Roman Road once again didn't disappoint. We got treat to some frankly unbelievable views and the sun was working perfectly for us too. Amy & Andy were totally up for everything we suggested and it was so easy to communicate with them what we wanted.

The photographs we have captured really show these two and their super fun personalities.

We got some truly beautiful photographs and these two made it super easy on us!


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