A Wedding Day with Paylor Photography

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We know for sure that there is no such thing as a typical wedding day. Over the years we have seen churches, tipis and almost everything in between.

Given that every wedding is different, you might be wondering what your wedding with us might look like and how we approach planning out the day.

The fun begins about 3 months before your wedding date; we’ll arrange to meet you at your wedding venue, or somewhere special to you guys. By 3 months out, most people have the majority of their wedding day planned so it’s a good time to sit down and chat through your full plan. We’ll chat about where you want us to meet you and what time we should arrive as well as talk about what group photos you want. It usually takes no longer than 30 minutes and then we head out with the cameras and do your pre-wedding photoshoot. If you want to know why we love doing this, check out our blog post with our 5 Reasons to Get a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot.

On your wedding day, we will arrive about 90 minutes before your ceremony unless you have asked for us to be earlier or later. Becky will join one of you and Rob will find the other (often in the bar). We catch the important detail shots and all the last minute finishing off bits and pieces. It also means we’re around to help out with any jobs that might need doing. We’ve cut open pockets, stitched bridesmaid dresses, sewn on buttons, folded pocket squares and attached buttonhole flowers. More or less anything you can think of, we’re around to help! After you’re all ready, it’s time to head down the aisle! We shoot your ceremony individually. This means you get two sets of photographs from two different angles to better tell the story of your ceremony.


If you’re having confetti, we usually do it right after the ceremony. People haven’t had a chance to slip away to the bar so we can get all the guests involved. The confetti photographs are the only time on your wedding day when we get a little bit bossy. Unfortunately, there’s really only one opportunity to get confetti photographs and we’ve found that it’s hard to get the perfect flurry of confetti colours without giving your guests some instructions. We try to make it as painless as possible and we think the results are worth the effort!

Since everyone is still together, we’ll run through your list of group photos. We make sure to get them all but we also get through these as quickly as possible. The last thing you and your guests want is to spend an hour getting photographs taken, especially when the bar is open!

After the groups, we let you guys relax! You can grab a drink and get congratulated by all your guests. We’ll pull you away after a little bit to do your portraits. We sneak off for about 30-40 minutes to get your photos. Sometimes it’s a shorter time, it always depends on you and your priorities. This is our time to capture your beautiful, artistic photographs - the one that you’ll put on your wall. It’s also your opportunity to relax, take a deep breath and remember what the day is all about, the two of you together.

Once you rejoin your guests, we just follow you around… it’s less creepy than it sounds!

We’ll capture you interacting with your guests and any funny things that always end up happening during the reception. We’re always close by so if you suddenly think about a group or photograph that you absolutely must have, just grab us! At some point we will disappear and shoot your breakfast room and the cake but that doesn’t take too long. We soon reappear.

If we’re only with you until the speeches then when you go into your breakfast room, we’ll do a mock cake cutting so that you have a photo of that. Then we’ll shoot your speeches and make a discreet exit, it’s up to you to finish the party without us!

If we’re staying later then we’ll sidle off at this point and grab some food for ourselves while you enjoy your wedding breakfast. Nobody wants photographs of themselves eating, trust us.

We come back once you’re done with your food and pick up where we left off, following you around and capturing all the special moments between you and all your guests. We‘ll be around, snapping away when your evening guests arrive, if you’re having any extra people come in the evening.

If we spot that there’s a good opportunity for a gorgeous sunset photo or something artistic with the darkening evening light then we might pull you guys away again for another 20 minute private moment. We take the lead from you with this though, if you said during your pre-wedding meeting that it’s not something that you’re worried about and you’d rather be in the middle of the party - we won’t be asking you to leave. (Well ok, we might, but only if it’s a properly superb sunset!)

The last thing on the tick-list of Wedding Day Moments is the first dance. We’ll capture your first dance from different angles and it usually involves one of us climbing on chairs! We try to find ways to make your first dance photos unique and different. Same as always, if you’ve got ideas or pictures you’ve seen that you want us to try to capture let us know at your pre-wedding meeting or send us a Pinterest board and we’ll pull out all the stops to try to get it for you.

We hang around for a few songs and get some photos of your guests dancing and having fun. There’s a natural stopping point in every wedding, and we judge when to leave by what’s going on. We try to come see you guys before we leave, to let you know we’re going and congratulate you again.

After that, it’s up to you to party for as long as possible!

Hopefully we answered at least some of your questions.

If you still have anything you want to know you might find it in one of our blog posts here. Or you can always contact us here or by email at hello@paylorphotography.co.uk if you have something specific you want to know!

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