Five Reasons to Have a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

All of our weddings come with a pre-wedding photoshoot. We have found that they are a fantastic chance to meet up before the wedding day and we use them to also have a chat about all the things we can expect on the day. Here are a few more reasons we think it’s a great idea for you guys to have a photoshoot with us before your wedding day.

1. Get to know your photographer

You get a chance to spend an hour or two with us before you wedding day. It’s a chance to see how we get on together and start to build a stronger friendship. We think this is super important since your photographer is probably the only person who isn’t family that is with you all day. You can see how we direct you and how we can work together to create the best images for your wedding day. This means there is so much less fumbling and uncomfortable-ness on the day.

2. Get to know what it’s like in front of a camera

Unless you do it day-in and day-out, being in front of a camera can be quite an uncomfortable place to be. You are being told to do things that probably don’t feel natural by someone who, half the time, has a big black box in front of their face and to top it all off, they are recording the moment for you so you get to see it! Having a pre-wedding shoot means you can get to experience it before you have the big day and see that some of the things that feel unnatural actually look really good in photographs. Then you know you can relax and trust that your photographer is going to make you look just a fabulous as you are.

3. Make-Up trial Why not take the opportunity to do a trial run of your make-up and/or hair? If you plan in advance and get everything booked for the same time you can get to see how your make-up is going to look in your photographs. It’s a chance to feel excited and happy or to make some changes.

4. Unique Save The Date cards This one is for you super organised people! If you let us know you’re planning to use the pre-wedding shoot photographs on a Save The Date then we can work together to plan the shoot to give you plenty of time to get them sent out. What could be nicer for your guests, than opening a Save The Date and seeing a beautiful picture of the happy couple who are inviting them to share in their perfect day?

5. Personalised Guestbook

Similar to the Save The Dates, this might take a little bit of extra planning and preparation but the pay-off is a gorgeous, unique guestbook for your guests to write their happy thoughts and wishes for your future life together. Let us know if that's what you're planning and we can help you layout and source a photo book that can be passed around by your guests to be filled with love!

BONUS - Treat yourself to some nice photographs for your wall

A happy side effect of all these things is that you will get some really beautiful photographs of you and your partner. Even if you have a million selfies, it can still be nice to get a good quality print to put in a frame, or even a canvas for the wall!

Did we convince you to book an engagement or pre-wedding photoshoot? Drop us a note to let us know where and when you want to go!

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