Woodland Wedding Styled Photoshoot

Back in July I got this idea. Beautiful women dressed in lace wedding dresses, surrounded by flowers, and staring dreamily into the distance. Think A Midsummer Night's Dream wedding.

After finding four models, all friends of friends (Thank you!), plus a hair stylist from Contemporary in Guisborough and a make up artist (Aleena). I spent a long time scouring ebay for dresses, flowers, and headbands. I then was gifted with an amazing cake from a work colleague!

On the day the whole thing came together so well. My girls looked gorgeous! The light was amazing, even though it had poured down the day before, and it was freezing, but they did so well!

We'd commandeered by parents woodland for the staging. As a location it's somewhere I definitely want to steal again for other photoshoots.

It was our first foray into managing a styled shoot, and while it was super stressful it was also amazingly fun! We can't wait to do it again, maybe something a little darker...

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