RPS Wedding Workshop

This year we are moving into wedding photography. We’re always looking to improve ourselves and our photography and so we decided to attend a wedding photography workshop ran by the Royal Photographic Society. We both do a lot of online learning through CreativeLive but we thought that we could get a lot of benefit from a face-to-face course and we were right.

The course took place in Lacock in Wiltshire. The Abbey at Lacock is where Henry Fox Talbot developed his methods of photography so it was a very inspirational place to visit.

The content was engaging and we were able to develop our skills with off camera flashes. We typically avoided using flashes in the past out of fear of harsh light making our photos look overexposed. The tutor showed us how to control the light from the flash and use it to enhance our images rather than overpower them. He also gave us some ideas for how to make creative images using the flash.

We are practicing the skills and techniques we learned and we are very much looking forward to using them in the future to make our images special. Our goal is always to create images that capture the emotion and the joy of a wedding in a beautiful and timeless way. The skills and techniques we learned on the course are only going to help us to make every special memory look just as incredible in the photographs.

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