Getting The Best From Your Furry Friends

We're a nation of animal lovers, and who can blame us?! With their big eyes, and soft, cuddly fur, they make the perfect companions. They're a member of the family, we spend fortunes on them, they're our 'fur-babies', so why wouldn't we want to photograph them?

My phone is full of photos of my cat, and I'm sure if you have a pet, yours is too. Images of cats and dogs are the most searched for photos on Flickr, and why wouldn't they be? I'll be honest, photos of cats and puppies definitely makes me happy!

And, while we're predominantly photographers of people, it makes sense that on occasion we'll get requests to photograph furry family members. So here's a few things we've learned in our escapades photographing pets.

Put a camera in front of a dog, their nose will inevitably end up in the lens. Same with a cat. They just love to rub themselves on new things, it's how they explore the world! You need to be prepared to get their wet little noses, on your nice expensive camera; and be okay with it!

They move so fast! So very, very fast. Fast shutters, narrow apertures, otherwise all you get is blur! But you've got to get the moving shots, because lets me honest, that's what most dogs do, all the time!

Like children; it's all in the eyes. It's where we see your fur-babies personalities. And just like children we want them to be as big as possible! So we like to vary the angle we take the photos from, and getting your doggo looking up makes for some pretty adorable photos!

We love photographing your animals, or having them join us on family or even engagement photoshoots, so make sure to get in touch if you've got a fur-baby you'd like immortalising!

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