Feeling Better with Film

We at Paylor Photography are ill. We have been stricken with cold, completely pathetic, but totally unavoidable. As such we've been having an easy weekend - after the couples shoot we did of course. So today, we decided to have a little walk around Great Ayton and Guisborough, a bit of fresh air to clear our stuffed up heads.

Rob took the film SLR he made from a kit, and once we buy some new developer/fixer those images can be scanned in and shared. I, on the other hand, took my trusty Olympus with it's 15mm body cap lens.

The aim was to take photos, with a lens that has a set aperture and focal length/point, and get them into lightroom to make them look like film. After reading a few articles on FStoppers I felt like I could achieve at least something resembling film.

As a big fan of lomography, I was really interested to see what this little body cap lens could do. The images are pretty clear, but the fixed focal length caught me out a few times, though I think the slightly soft focus helps. It also has an amount of natural vignette, which I am a big fan of.

See what you think...

#film #lomo #landscape

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