Mog on the Tyne

Anyone who knows us knows we are major cat people. So the idea of a cafe where you can go cuddle kittens is our idea of heaven!

Mog on the Tyne is a lovely little cafe, tucked up the side of Vodka Revolution in Newcastle, just a short walk from Central Station. It's very pink and very bright, totally inviting!

After removing your shoes, and leaving jackets at the door, you're given a list of instructions and told to pick a seat.

Very sensible rules, all very apt to anyone who lives with a cat already. When we got there they were mostly sleeping, so we left them to it, and ordered some food and drinks.

How amazing do those hot chocolates look?! They tasted even better than they look, if you can believe that. The cats have so many toys, it's unbelievable, but I guess with so many cats they need things to entertain them.

With a little coaxing from their wonderful staff, they started to wake up!

We had the most amazing time, and we can't wait to go back! The cats were so friendly, and their staff were so accommodating. The food was amazing, just what we needed on a cold day in Newcastle. We got our loyalty card stamped! Looking forward to our next trip.

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