First Blog Post

We are open for business.

The idea of a first blog post is somewhat daunting; what do you write? Should it be simply our latest album of images? What do people actually want to read?

Too stressful.

Instead, let us introduce ourselves and the instruments of our trade!

We are currently rookie-professional photographers, attempting to ply our trade in beautiful images to the masses. We want to take photos of you! Images of you looking natural in your everyday, or glamorous in your not-so-everyday. We want to immortalise you in digital print (or real print if you'd like), preserving your memories for longer than a lifetime. We want you to look back on your images with pride and think 'Did I really look like that?'.

To do so we have a couple of little pieces of tech that we love very much; Rob uses a Nikon D3300, usually with a 35mm prime lens for portraits, something with a little more zoom for events. While I, Rebecca, use an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ii, with a 25mm or 45mm prime lens (yes, it's mirrorless - I know right?!). We're hoping in the new year to invest in full frame cameras, when we will hopefully move into wedding photography. For the time being we think our little bits of kit do the trick.

We hope to keep you up to date in lovely photos, and perhaps entertained as we traverse this new world we have fallen into.

- Rebecca x

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